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Chicago Gold
Chaising you
3 zum Tango
Chicago Gold
Chaising You
3  to Tango
Jealous too
Margit cha
Best friend

Drop Snap

Oh me om my oh
Lost in shuffle

Get Dat
I gues that I do

Nice To Meet Ya
La fiesta cubana
Ryhme or reason


Groovy love

Lonely drum

Wonderfull life
K for kicks
Escapate conmigo
So just dance, dance, dance

Havanna Cha            
White summer dress
Hurts like a chacha   
Your song         
Eyes on you Cool Cats_-_Poulsen.htm 

Clap snap     Snap_-_Sobirielo-Lee.htm

Be mine       

Breaking hearts


Happy when I'm Dancing

Under the Sun
No Roots


Slow burn


Black coffee'Malley.htm
Jazz it up


- "Slow Burn"


- "Drinking Problem"


- "Dance like your Daddy" Like Your Daddy_-_Wetzel.htm


- "Cha cha with me"


- "Dj got us falling in love again"


-"Blackpool by the sea"


My middle name: Middle Name_-_Brown-Poulsen.htm


close to you to You_-_van Grootel-Sarlemijn.htm


"Ex and ohs" :


"Dont worry" :


"Dancing Kizomba"


"Mini Barrel" von Niels B. Poulsen


"And get it on" von Daniel Trepat:



Good time roll:


Unlove me:


"Holy cowgirl“ von Guyton Mundy


Guere Guere“ von Daniel Trepat


"Pontoon" von Gail Smith


Chill factor von D. Whittacker und H.Westhead


„Timber“ von Anja Beyer (PDF-Datei)


Driving in a fast lane“ von Robert Hahn (PDF-Datei)


Straight to Memphis


The sky is coming down


Wade in the water




Billy Jean


Mini mariana


Duck soup


Get Stupid


Jailhouse creole (DST 4)


You girl:


Hickory lake:


Future husband  (Dstf 3):




Stuff you got a watch:


Don’t gimme that:'t Gimme That_1.pdf


Blurred lines:


Ashi (Dstf 1):!_-_Masur.htm


Cupid shuffle (Dstf 2):


After midnight:


For the sake of the children:


- Agua y fuego: Sarlemijn/16-08 - Agua Y Fuego - Eng.pdf